Screen On Open qPCR Machine



My lab just got an Open qPCR and we weren’t sure how to get the screen on the machine to work - it simply displays the Open qPCR logo and says “no internet connection.” The machine is plugged into a computer via USB and connects to the web-based software.



Hello @sparker1902,

Thanks for your message! The touchscreen feature has not been activated yet so it should display the Open qPCR logo. If you connect the instrument by USB, the bottom left will state “no internet connection” - this is normal. If you connect the instrument by Ethernet or Wi-Fi, you will then see a specific IP address for accessing the software.

Hope that helped!



Hi Lily,

Will the touchscreen be activated in future system updates?

Thank you for your quick response!


Hello @sparker1902,

Yes, that is exactly what we’re planning :slight_smile: