OpenQPCR Update Issues


Hello. I have two OpenQPCR devices here that I’ve just performed a factory reset on. They came back online as different version numbers. I connected them to WiFi and checked for updates. One said it had the latest version of v. while the other updated to v. before saying the same. In other words, they both say they have the latest version but are different versions. Does anyone know what the real latest version is and how to download it?


Hello @chris,

Thanks for your message! Both and are the latest versions of the Open qPCR software. was released to accomodate a hardware change with the beaglebone. We didn’t push this out as an upgrade since the performance and software features are identical.

With our next release, all devices will be upgraded to the same software version. Let me know if you have any further questions!



Ok, thank you for replying.


Bizarre way to handle versioning :slight_smile:



I’m trying to update the machine (that I had previously factory reset) with SafeTraces Web software and cannot connect through SFTP using root as the user and the MD5 hash of the serial number. Do you know if the different beaglebone version comes with differences in how to connect to it?

Thank you,


Hello Chris,

SFTP is not supported Open qPCR. Could you try and SSH into the instrument? If so, you can then use SCP to transfer the files.