OpenPCR Software


Hello, good day. My name is Ajie. I tried to install openPCR software for Mac and Windows using their respective installers but both installers stated that an error had occured so I could not install the software. I have downloaded and installed Adobe Air prior to the OpenPCR software installation as well. My computer OS are OSX El Capitan 10.11.14 and windows 7 ultimate. Thank you for your help


Hi Mandala,

Thanks for for your post!

A current user brought this issue to our attention as well. What seems to have happened is that the valid period of Adobe Air timestamps for software written many years ago had ended on OCT-30-2017.

In the interim, please follow these instructions to successfully install the OpenPCR software:

  1. Use a Windows 7 PC
  2. Change the computer date to anytime before OCT-30-2017 (i.e. OCT-25-2017)
  3. Install the OpenPCR software
  4. Change the computer date back to the current day

Let me know if you need any clarification.



hi Lily,

i ended up copying the software from our other laptop that installed the application years ago and it works. but thank you for your suggestion, though; will try it should the need to install the software in other computers arise.



Hi Mandala,

Just wanted to provide an update that we have resolved this. You should be able to download the OpenPCR software without any issues now.