Instrument Connectivity


Dear Chai,

I recently purchased an Open qPCR from you. I would like to connect the device by Wi-Fi setup, but I’ve not been able to get the connection working. Can you provide some assistance?

Thank you,


Hi Helen @hmiller.029,

Sure, happy to help! In order to connect the instrument via Wi-Fi, please follow the instructions below:

There are two options for connecting the instrument to a computer via Wi-Fi:

  1. If the instrument is already powered on, plug in the Wi-Fi adapter and reboot the system.
  2. If the instrument is powered off, plug in the Wi-Fi adapter before turning on the system.

Once the system has initialized, you will first need to access the software via a USB connection. Make sure you download the driver (required for USB connections) as appropriate to your operating system. The link to the driver can be found here:

After the driver is downloaded, connect the USB cable from the instrument to the computer. Once the instrument is turned on and running for a few minutes, open an internet browser and type into the address bar

Create a new account for first time access or login to an existing account through the web address. Locate the Network Settings tab under Settings on the home page. The Wi-Fi option will be green. Select the appropriate network to connect the device.

Once connected, unplug the USB. Close out of the 192.168.72 browser, open a new browser, and type in the instrument IP address to access the software. The IP address is displayed on the bottom left of the LCD screen.

Let me know how that goes and if you have any need for further clarification :slight_smile:



Dear Lily,

Thank you for the assistance. I was able to connect to the instrument by Wi-Fi.