How to prepare a calibration solution with ChaiGreen?


Hi there,

We just got our hands on an OpenQPCR machine and currently trying to calibrate it to give it a spin. So far,

Unfortunately, the calibration solution was lost during a recent move and therefore I ordered a fresh new ChaiGreen naively thinking that the calibration solution is just water + dye but using our 8-well strips with pseudo-calibration solutions in them (with 23.75 water + 1.25 20X dye) kept failing, where the poor Chai complains about the readings being too similar between wells. So I assume the calibration solutions have some DNA in them but I don’t know how much.

Do you still provide the calibration solution or is there a way for us to make a home-brew one by mixing some DNA/RNA into the solution? I hope the recipe is open.



Hi Arman,

Thanks for your post!

It looks like you might have ordered the Chai Green Dye 20X instead of the Fluorescein calibrator. If so, the dye would not work as this is a different product from the calibrator.

We can certainly get that rectified by sending you the correct calibrator material. I presume you have the single channel Open qPCR instrument?

Please send a direct email to so that I can get the process going for you. I would need to confirm your shipping address and institution name.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:



Thanks, Lily! For the records: yes — our Chai is an A1005 one. Just sending an e-mail to the sales team.


You’re most welcome. I just saw your email. Will be responding shortly.



How often does the machine need to be calibrated with Fluorescein?


Hi @ktso ,

The instrument should be calibrated when the PCR tube type is changed or when the instrument lid height is adjusted.