Early users: What are your thoughts?


Hi all,

Welcome to our forum, and especially the product feedback section!

We’ve put a lot of work into our products, and will continue to invest in them heavily. We’d love to hear thoughts of our early users about what they like and what we could improve.

We’ll be releasing software updates regularly which gives us the chance to deploy new features and improvements. The development cycle for hardware and reagents is necessarily longer, but we’d still like to hear your thoughts on how we could improve future products.



Dear Josh,

My name is Benjamin Ko and I am from Korea for attending Bio International Convention.

I ordered Dual Channel qPCR on 13th June and it has been Ready for more than a week but not shipped yet.

I wonder why it takes so long time to ship an order. Is it out-of-stock? Is qPCR order-made?

FYI, my order number is R016394927.

I sent an e-mail message to your sales@chaibio.com, too.

Benjamin Ko


Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for checking in! Apologies for the delayed response here as we have been going through an office move.

It seems like my colleague Michelle sent you the tracking information on 6/23 regarding the instrument shipment. Have you started using the device yet? How are things going?

If you have any technical questions, feel free to send us an email at support@chaibio.com



Dear Ms. Lily,

Yes, I received my device on time.

I returned to Korea with it and am using it.

Thank you for your kind and rapid service.

Have a nice weekend!


Benjamin Ko

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I’ve hope to use the Open qPCR machine in my lab for rapid species identification of plant pathogens. In a couple of reactions and the machine is working quite well.

I was wondering if there is an ETA for touchscreen support as I think the machine would work great for diagnostics in my field lab.



Hi Adam,

Thanks for your feedback!

We’re hoping to have the LCD touchscreen feature implemented by October 2017. Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: